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Bets: The odds after the completion of the national finals! – Eurovision News | Music | Fun

Bets: The odds after the completion of the national finals! – Eurovision News | Music | Fun

A few hours have passed since the conclusion of the national finals of this year’s Eurovision season, with Sweden and Portugal being the last two countries to choose the song that will represent them in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

That’s why one of Eurovisionfun ‘s most loved and talked about columns is back, with our Eurovision 2024 betting analyses back again.

As you prepare for the pivotal next few days with the unveiling of the remaining entries ahead of May, bookers are already getting down to business, with the Eurovision 2024 winner section already being offered to some bookmakers. So, we’re taking the opportunity to bring you the so far for the next competition.

Croatia tops the list – Shuffles in the top five

The situation at the top remains unchanged, with Croatia having been in first place for ten days now. Baby Lasagna ‘s sweeping victory at Dora has put Croatia in the top spot in the betting tables for the first time in their history. Croatia’ s victory is currently being bet at odds between 4 and 5.25, odds slightly higher compared to those played when our last analysis was written.

Ukraine remains in second place. Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil may have fallen from the top spot, however, their distance from leading Croatia is very small, with Ukraine’s fourth win in the Eurovision Song Contest being bet at odds between 4.33 and 5.6.

Italy has moved back up to third place. More or less at the same level are the odds of Angelina Mango winning with “La Noia” , returning between 7.5 and 10 times the stake of anyone who believes in the second Italian victory in the last four years.

And now let’s go to the countries that complete the top five, where we have two entries that have risen significantly in recent days. Fourth is now Switzerland after the release of Nemo ‘s “The Code“, which has moved up six places compared to our last analysis, now directly threatening third place Italy. Switzerland ‘s victory is being bet at odds between 6 and 10 and it is only a matter of hours – it seems – to move into third place.

The top five is completed by the Netherlands, with Joost Klein ‘s “Europapa” having won the impressions and hearts of a large part of the public. The Western European country’s entry is the biggest winner of the last few days, being 20 places higher than in our analysis ten days ago. Between 11 and 15 is the Dutch victory in Malmö.

Top 10

Belgium is in sixth place. The release of Mustii ‘s “Before the Party’s Over” a few days ago seems to have initially excited the betting companies, who now have the Western European country out of the Top 5 a few days after its release. Belgium ‘s victory is being bet at odds between 11 and 17, being only slightly higher than those of the leading Netherlands.

Sweden dropped to seventh place, a few hours after the grand final of this year’s edition of Melodifestivalen where Marcus & Martinus won with “Unforgettable“. Sweden ‘s home win is offered at odds between 11 and 19, marking a slight rise compared to our last analysis and dropping this year’s organisers by one place.

Eighth place is taken by France, who have been trending upwards in recent days, especially after Slimane ‘s performance in the Croatian national final a week ago. Up to 21 times the stake is returned on “Mon Amour“.

In ninth place is now Georgia. Just one day before the release of Nutsa Buzaladze ‘s “Firefighter“, the Caucasian country has moved into the top ten, dropping its odds sharply in recent times and, at the same time, creating a climate of anticipation and expectations for the unveiling of this year’s Georgian entry. Georgia’s victory is being played at odds between 15 and 26.

Rounding out the top ten is Israel, who return to the top ten just hours before the release of “Hurricane“, which Eden Golan will compete with in Malmö. Like leading Georgia, Israel’s win returns up to 26 times the stakes.

Do you think Baby Lasagna will be able to give Croatia its maiden victory as an independent country in the Eurovision Song Contest? Tell us in the comments!