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Betting Odds: Croatia Takes the Lead surpassing Ukraine! – Eurovision News | Music | Fun

Betting Odds: Croatia Takes the Lead surpassing Ukraine! – Eurovision News | Music | Fun

With less than two weeks left until the official release of all entries for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, we are entering the most crucial period of the pre-Eurovision season, with national finals and entry reveals multiplying day by day.

For this reason, one of Eurovisionfun’s most beloved and discussed columns returns, with the betting analyses for the Eurovision 2024 once again here.

While you prepare for the crucial weeks ahead with most entries being revealed for May, bookmakers have already begun their work, with the Eurovision 2024 winner section already being offered by some companies. Seizing the opportunity, we present to you the latest developments for the upcoming contest.

Upset at the Top

After a long time, the top spot in the betting odds for Eurovision 2024 has a new holder, with Croatia surpassing Ukraine just a few minutes ago. The sweeping victory of Baby Lasagna at Dora brought Croatia to the top of the betting odds for the first time in its history. The victory of Croatia is currently bet on at odds between 4 and 5, which have been steadily decreasing in recent days.

Thus, in the second place is now Ukraine. Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil may have fallen from the top, however, their distance from the leading Croatia remains small, although the momentum currently favors Croatia. Ukraine’s odds are on the rise, with a potential victory more than quadrupling the bet.

In the third position, Iceland has risen again after the appearance of Bashar Murad in the Icelandic national final. “Wild West” seems to have impressed in recent days, with bookmakers significantly reducing Iceland’s odds, ranging from 7 to 9.

Reflecting the rise of Croatia to the top and Iceland to third, was the fall of Italy to the fourth position. However, this development does not mean an increase in the odds for Angelina Mango with “La Noia“. Italy is bet on at odds from 7 to 10, at the same levels as our previous analysis when it was in second place.

Completing the top five is the United Kingdom, which, however, has a considerable gap compared to the leading countries. With the release of “Dizzy” in the next few hours, it remains to be seen how bookmakers will be influenced by the finalized form of the British entry for Malmo. Currently, the UK’s victory returns up to 15 times the bet.

Top 10

In the sixth position and for the first time outside the Top 5 during this year’s Eurovision season, Sweden has fallen. The relatively low level of this year’s Melodifestivalen has raised the odds for the host country. A Swedish victory on home soil is offered at odds between 13 and 17, marking a slight increase compared to our last analysis.

In the seventh position is Belgium. The release of “Before the Party’s Over” by Mustii a few days ago seems to have thrilled betting companies, which now have the country outside the Top 5 a few days after its release. Belgium’s victory is bet on at odds between 13 and 17, at levels similar to Sweden.

In the eighth position, one finds France, which presents upward trends in recent days, especially after Slimane’s appearance in the Croatian national final a week ago. France’s odds return up to 21 times the bet with “Mon Amour.”

Ninth is now “Luktelk” by Silvester Belt from Lithuania, which may have dropped one position compared to our last analysis but remains within the top ten. Lithuania’s maiden victory is played at similar odds to those of France.

Finally, Switzerland completes the top ten, just hours after the release of “The Code” by Nemo. Upward trends for the country in Central Europe, as seen in the betting odds, with Switzerland possibly to climb even higher in the coming days. Switzerland’s victory is bet on at odds between 17 and 26.

Do you think Baby Lasagna will give Croatia its maiden victory as an independent country in the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know in the comments!