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Children’s Hospital Utilizes Advanced Digital Solutions to Improve Patient Care – Microsoft Switzerland News Center

Children’s Hospital Utilizes Advanced Digital Solutions to Improve Patient Care – Microsoft Switzerland News Center

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  • The University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB) utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies and is the first university hospital in Switzerland to evaluate the innovation potential of Windows 365, Copilot, and Power Platform for complex hospital processes.
  • The new technologies already facilitate collaboration and communication among doctors today.
  • Continuous engagement in digital transformation in healthcare strengthens UKBB’s position as a leading children’s hospital.

Zurich, Switzerland – April 23, 2024 – To further improve patient care and safety, the University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB), Switzerland, plans to enhance its security platforms by deploying the AI-powered solution Microsoft Copilot for Security to support and maximize their effectiveness. 

As part of an innovative pilot project, UKBB will implement the Microsoft Copilot solution to elevate IT security to a new level — making work easier for ICT personnel and, most importantly, ensuring patient care and safety. 

UKBB will also evaluate additional AI-powered solutions such as Microsoft 365 Copilot to enable the healthcare sector to harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence. This initiative aims to strengthen UKBB’s role as a digital pioneer in the hospital sector. Of course, these projects will strictly adhere to applicable compliance and data protection guidelines. 

«Through collaboration with Microsoft, the hospital is well prepared for the digital future of medical care,» said Sebastian Fernandez, Head of ICT at UKBB. «Annually, over 100,000 individuals receive outpatient or inpatient treatment here, and we envision digitalizing the children’s hospital for the benefit of patients and staff, proactively generating innovations.» 

UKBB aims to systematically expand digitization and telemedicine services to provide holistic care to patients anytime, anywhere. 

Denise Richard, Health Industry Lead at Microsoft Switzerland, said, «An efficient healthcare system is the backbone of any country. Microsoft aims to help Switzerland set new standards in the healthcare sector through solutions that enable workplace modernization, improve internal communication, and allocate more time for hospital staff to spend with patients. The efforts with various Microsoft Copilot solutions will further support UKBB on its path to digital transformation through the power of AI.» 

The extensive collaboration between the children’s hospital and Microsoft began in 2017. During the coronavirus crisis, the partnership intensified with the broader adoption of Microsoft technologies like Teams. To advance the digitalization of the entire hospital operation with the help of additional Microsoft tools, UKBB started implementing the Microsoft Power Platform in 2021. This aims to develop modern applications to increasingly automate routine tasks in the hospital. 

Today, the Microsoft Power Platform is already used by various departments to meet different requirements. For example, in human resources, the entire onboarding process has been digitalized, minimizing the time and effort required for creating staff profiles and maximizing agility for all involved. This allows HR staff to focus more quickly on their core tasks. 

The time saved through such measures not only directly and positively impacts patient care but also increases employee satisfaction, making UKBB a more attractive employer. 

UKBB is committed to digital transformation and innovation in healthcare and aims to strengthen its position as a leading pediatric center. This commitment is demonstrated through the use of state-of-the-art tools such as Microsoft Surface devices. These devices are highly valued by both staff and patients. While doctors particularly appreciate the useful design and visual appearance, the ICT team also values the security features and easy management provided by the Azure platform. The high demand for Microsoft Surface devices underscores their effectiveness and popularity at UKBB, highlighting that a positive user experience is an important metric in the overall context of innovative ICT design. 

Currently, Windows 365 is being established as a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution in the research field to ensure the necessary scalability and dynamics for the future, which plays a crucial role, especially in teaching and research. Another forward-thinking project for the hospital is the implementation of Microsoft Nuance’s Dragon Medical One (DMO) speech recognition technology. This technology simplifies patient documentation and significantly reduces the daily routine workload for doctors, giving them even more time for their patients.