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Clippers’ Paul George dishes on Draymond Green-Rudy Gobert altercation, fighting in NBA

Clippers star Paul George broke down the Draymond Green/Rudy Gobert altercation on the latest edition of ‘Podcast P with Paul George’

Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George weighed in on the Draymond Green/Rudy Gobert altercation, as well as fighting in the NBA on the latest edition of ‘Podcast P with Paul George.’

Said George, “If there’s a scuffle or a fight, you’re responsible to go get your teammate, like don’t grab another team’s [player] like that and I think that’s what Dray [Draymond Green] acted, and I thought it was an overreaction. I don’t think Rudy [Gobert] grabbed Klay [Thompson] hard enough for that response to be ‘let me grab Rudy back’…but in that moment I could see Draymond being like ‘hey go check your teammate, not mine.’”

The Clippers star also addressed fighting in general in the NBA, and he thinks most guys will avoid that type of scenario:

“I mean, let’s be honest, dudes ain’t fighting in the league…Guys aren’t fighting on that stage, in an NBA game. That hasn’t happened in a really long time. Probably since the CP [Chris Paul], [Rajon] Rondo situation.”

The Clippers have struggled as of late, going 1-5 since acquiring James Harden in a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers, and while Paul George admitted that the team is frustrated with the results, he said that the team is enjoying the process of working out the problems:

“Speaking for myself, I mean obviously frustrated losing six games, especially with the talent, the guys we have in the locker room. It’s frustrating. As much as we’re positive and we’re optimistic, and we truly believe it’ll work, no one likes being out there competing and coming up with a loss.

But the beauty in this team honestly is we’re enjoying this process. And the reason why we’re not boiling over and not shaking the locker room up, we honestly enjoy trying to figure this out. We realize the big picture of what this will be if all four of us can pull this off and bring this together and do something special. And we believe it’s gonna happen, like we’re gonna figure this out at some point.”

The Clippers take on the Spurs on Monday.