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Emma Raducanu: “I’d like to have more time between points”

Emma Raducan, winner of the 2021 US Open, has had a very difficult year but in the Indian Wells tournament she finally seems ready to break free. Emma beat the Brazilian Haddad Maia and reached the round of 16 where she will challenge the number one in the world Iga Swiatek in a very interesting match.

In the press conference, Emma released the following statements: “I’m really happy to have won this match, it was really tough. But I’m happy with my reaction and how I managed to close in the third set. I think I played some points in the match very well, I did very well in the first and third sets.

Physically I feel very good. I had several chances before going out and in the end I only did it on the fourth match point. Despite this, I think mentally I did a great job of growing, I only thought about hitting and scoring points.

At one point I got a little tense, but I managed to get by. It happens that during the match there is a small drop in intensity but I think you just have to reset everything and move on.”

Raducanu will challenge Iga Swiatek

The tennis player then discussed what could change in the world of tennis: “It’s a good question, but to tell the truth, I’ve never really thought about it.

In the end, we all face these rules and I don’t think it makes sense to change, maybe maybe I would pass more time between points. I think it’s tough when you face such long rallies, it’s hot and you only have 25 seconds to make up time.

The conferences? By now I’m used to all of you, there’s no problem. The challenge with Iga Swiatek? The surface will count compared to our previous ones, but we are talking about a Grand Slam champion, I hope it will do well.” Finally some words about the experience in the States: “I love being here in the States, the weather is fantastic, I like driving on the roads that are really wide. I love the ease and practicality of this country, I really enjoy being in the United States.”