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Eurovision 2024 – live: Switzerland’s Nemo crowned the winner in tense final

Eurovision 2024 – live: Switzerland’s Nemo crowned the winner in tense final

UK’s Eurovision entry Olly Alexander breaks silence after Netherlands singer disqualified

Switzerland has been crowned as the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, with singer Nemo taking home the top prize after wooing both the jury and the public with their performance of “The Code”.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest was held in Malmö, Sweden, with scores arriving from the 25 countries that performed in the final, and in the wake of behind-the-scenes chaos.

Hours before the grand final, it was announced that the Netherlands’ delegate, Joost Klein, has been expelled from the competition.

Pro-Palestine demonstrations are also taking place outside the arena, with Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg removed by police.

Israel’s delegate Eden Golan performed early in the contest, with the BBC’s Graham Norton remarking on the boos heard by the crowd.

Meanwhile, the UK’s entry Olly Alexander sang his song “Dizzy”, after Ireland’s Bambie Thug dazzled with “Doomsday Blues”, following speculation that they could pull out of the final after missing the dress rehearsal.

Croatia’s Baby Lasagna, the favourite to win, performed his frenzied song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”, with the final two songs from Slimane from France and Austria’s Kaleen.

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ICYMI: Olly Alexander performs gravity-defying ‘Dizzy’

UK’s Olly Alexander took the stage to perform a gravity-defying choreography of “Dizzy”.

The performance featured a group of men in red boxing shorts dancing alongside Alexander, sometimes hanging upside down.

Alexander has faced criticism for choosing to remain in Eurovision as a group called “Queers for Palestine” called for the pop singer to withdraw from the event.

“We firmly believe in the unifying power of music, enabling people to transcend differences and foster meaningful conversations and connections,” Alexander and other participating artists said in an open letter.

Fans expressed disappointment online as a series of sound issues seemed to have affected Alexander’s final performance.

Vishwam Sankaran12 May 2024 06:30


Fans spot Bambie Thug’s secret message supporting Palestine

Eurovision fans think they have spotted a secret message from Bambie Thug during her Eurovision final performance.

The “ouji pop” artist, who performed gothic Doomsday Blue, received 136 points to finish in the sixth place.

In the lead-up to the event, they had also voiced concerns that it was “the wrong decision” not to exclude Israel, as Russia had been two years ago.

They accused organisers of not supporting them over a row with Israel during the event.

“Yeah, so Kan the broadcaster incited violence against me twice, three times. We brought it up to the EBU. They said they follow up,” Bambie said.

Bambie Thug of Ireland performs the song Doomsday Blue during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest (AP)

“They waited to the last minute, we still haven’t gotten statement back to us, allowed us to be scapegoats, allowed us to be the spokesperson for standing up for ourselves,” they added.

The non-binary artist initially wrote the words “Ceasefire” and “Saoirse Don Phalistin,” the latter of which translates to “freedom for Palestine,” on their face and legs, the Irish Examiner reported.

“Bambie Thug has managed to sneak “ceasefire” in Ogham (old Irish alphabet) on their face past censors. We have no choice but to stan,” one X user said.

“Bambi Thug has ogham symbols (old Irish alphabet) reading “ceasefire” on their face! If you’re going to vote, vote Ireland,” another wrote on X.

But the EBU asked Bambie to change the markings displayed on their face and legs ahead of their performance.

“Unfortunately, I had to change those messages today to ‘crown the witch’ only (which was an) order from the EBU,” Bambie said.

Fans took to social media to point out that Bambie had the word “ceasefire” initially written in the ancient Irish alphabet Ogham on their face.

When asked why they included “hidden” messages in their performance, Bambie said it was important to them as they are “pro-justice” and “pro-peace”.

Vishwam Sankaran12 May 2024 05:38


Observers react to Israel getting 12 points from UK viewers

The UK public gave its 12 points to Israel in this year’s Eurovision, sparking criticism online, especially since the country’s own Olly Alexander received zero votes from the public.

Israel’s inclusion in this year’s event sparked controversy due to the country’s ongoing invasion of Gaza following the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October.

Thousands took to the streets ahead of the contest to protest after Israel’s contestant Eden Golan, qualified for the Grand Final.

Organisers also forced a change to the original title of Ms Golan’s song, “October Rain” which was seen as an apparent reference to the 7 October Hamas attack on Israel that killed about 1,200 people and triggered the war in Gaza.

While organisers made a plea for the crowd not to boo any artists, there were audible jeers as Golan performed.

The winner was decided based on votes from television audiences in Europe and around the world in combination with votes from juries of music professionals.

Ms Golan came fifth with 375 points, including 12 votes from the UK public.

“Disgusted in the UK for giving 12 points to Israel. Can’t believe my own country would vote and basically show support for horrific crimes and genocide,” one user wrote on X.

The UK scored zero in the public vote with a section of the audience complaining online that they struggled to hear Alexander.

Despite scoring only 52 points from the other country’s jury votes, Ms Golan topped the UK’s public vote with 12.

Vishwam Sankaran12 May 2024 05:00


Ireland’s Bambie Thug accused Israeli broadcaster of rule break

Bambi Thug posted on Instagram that they raised “multiple complaints” to the European Broadcasting Union about “instances” they experienced this week, including one involving an Israeli commentator from broadcaster KAN.

In the lead-up to the event, they had voiced concerns that it was “the wrong decision” not to exclude Israel, as Russia had been two years ago.

The singer missed their dress rehearsal, citing that they needed to bring a situation to the “urgent attention” of the EBU.

Bambi Thug’s Instagram post on backstage situation (Bambi Thug/Instagram)

“They confirmed to my delegation in front of others that KAN’s commentator had broken the rules of conduct during the Eurovision Semi-Final 1,” the artist said.

“I have been patiently awaiting to hear what action is set to be taken by the EBU following this rule break,” Bambi Thug added.

The Irish artist, who performed the gothic Doomsday Blue, finished at sixth place with 136 points.

Vishwam Sankaran12 May 2024 04:25


‘Had to smuggle nonbinary flag in,’ Eurovision winner Nemo says

Eurovision winner Swiss artist Nemo said they had to “smuggle” a nonbinary flag into the event because “Eurovison said no.”

“Maybe Eurovision needs a little fixing too every now and then,” they said.

Restrictions on what flags are permitted have also seen artists and fans stopped from displaying the Palestinian flag at this year’s event.

Nemo said they were “incredibly proud” to be the first nonbinary Eurovision winner, adding that queer people “need to be heard and need to be understood”.

“To know that a song where I speak about my story has touched so many people, and maybe inspired other people to stay true to their stories, is the most insane thing that has ever happened to me,” they said.

Vishwam Sankaran12 May 2024 03:50


UK’s Olly Alexander receives mixed reaction to Eurovision performance

Find out what viewers made of Olly Alexander’s performance of his song “Dizzy” during the final, in which he came 18th.

Ellie Muir12 May 2024 03:01


Abbatars perform ‘Waterloo’ at Eurovision 50 years after win

‘Abbatars’ Perform At Eurovision As Final Marks 50th Anniversary Of Supergroup

Ellie Muir12 May 2024 02:59


Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s winner, Switzerland’s Nemo

The 24-year-old artist, full name Nemo Mettler, is already known as a musician in their home country and was the recipient of four Swiss Music Awards in 2018, including Song of the Year for their single “Du”.

Find out more about Nemo below:

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Greta Thunberg removed from pro-Palestine protests by Swedish police outside Eurovision arena

Ellie Muir12 May 2024 02:01


Abbatars perform at Eurovision after hosts tease performance from Swedish pop supergroup

Viewers felt duped into thinking they might see Abba reunite, even though the band hasn’t performed live together since 1982.

Ellie Muir12 May 2024 01:30