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Forward Features Calendar For 2024

Here is this news service”s forward features calendar for 2024.

Here is this news service’s forward features calendar for
2024. This is not a definitive guide; it is meant to give
those who engage with us an idea of which topics we consider to
be important for the foreseeable future. Major news events might
mean that we will have to revise this calendar – as has happened
in the past. As always, we rely on our readers to keep us on our
toes about what topics are important to them, so please
email the editors: tom.burroughes@wealthbriefing.com
and amanda.cheesley@clearviewpublishing.com.


General themes

ESG investing is a ubiquitous topic which we will cover
throughtout the year. We can broaden the coverage to include more
articles on the “S” (society) and “G” (governance, such as
shareholder accountability, disclosures, role of analysts in
covering firms, etc).

We also intend to look at how wealth managers choose funds from
a vast range of funds, and whether funds need to be
consolidated? Is the business of measuring performance up to
scratch, and what is being done? 

“Protecting the client” – we have carried many stories and guest
articles about cybersecurity, physical security, reputation
management, family law, using trusts and other structures,
and lasting powers of attorney, for example – an area we
intend to continue. (This publication is also holding a
Cybersecurity and AI Summit
on 5 June 2024 in New York.)

Regarding family offices, we continue to track developments,
including their increased professionalisation and expansion into
new markets. (This news service is planning a
family office investment summit
 in the autumn of 2024.)

January 2024

The start of the year is typically a chance to make forecasts on
what wealth managers think clients should do with their money. We
want to hear from wealth and asset managers, advisors and private
banks, on what they think clients should be doing. Contrarian or
specialised ideas are welcome. The past year saw rising interest
rates take some steam out of private markets such as venture
capital. What’s the outlook?


Time to look at technology again. Recent months saw a big focus
on AI, and 2024 promises more of the same. What are the wealth
management use cases for AI, and what are the benefits, how can
they be measured and monitored? How should wealth managers
explain how to show the value-add impact of AI, and be
transparent about how they use it? Can AI have a meaningful
impact on fees, costs, profits, revenue generation and building a
new pipeline of clients? How can AI intersect with areas such as
ESG investing, behavioural finance, risks management more
generally, client reporting, and more? 

Away from AI, we will look at the continued digitalisation of the
value chain; and how tech is necessary for bankers and
advisors’ training. The field of regtech (handling compliance
challenges, such as KYC checks) etc also needs to be


For the Asia edition, we want to examine the external asset
manager and family offices sectors of Singapore and Hong
Kong in detail, along with the rising economies of countries such
as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. We want to talk to service
providers, banks, financial technology firms, lawyers and
accountants – and recruiters and regulators such as MAS. For the
global edition, we will continue to track developments in private
banking, EAMs and other providers in the Gulf region of the
Middle East, and Switzerland.


A possible spread of stories about talent management, recruitment
and compensation at private banks, family offices, and others. We
will talk to recruiters, consultants on pay, business schools,
and organisations such as the CFA, for example. (In April, this
news service will hold a
fintech forum
in New York.)


A possible spread of stories and features on offshore
centres – how they are competing, trends on what sort of
services and products are getting attention. We can, for example,
interview the governments and industry bodies in Jersey,
Guernsey, Bahamas, Caymans, Monaco, Luxembourg, and Mauritius,


Cryptos and digital assets’ spread, talking to practitioners in
Switzerland, the US, the UK, Singapore,
the GCC, and other places – finding out about
regulatory developments, who is doing interesting things.


A set of features on shifting sands around taxation in the
UK, the US, the European Union, and other countries. Two
elections in 2024 – the UK and the US – where tax is bound
to be an important consideration. We can use this as a hook to
talk about tax generally.


No events scheduled. 


Asset allocation and investment stories as people return from
their annual leave. Specific areas to examine
are biotechnology, healthcare, and associated research.


We will look at the evolving world of digital assets, and what is
happening in the “tokenization” of real-world assets, as well
as how regulations evolve worldwide, and what the private
banking and wealth management sector is doing. 


Philanthropy articles: how using structures such as
foundations is changing and how political and cultural
controversies have affected giving to education charities
(fallout from student protests, etc), and trends in giving. 


To be decided.