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Gemini—Your March Horoscope Says You Have the Power to Level Up Your Career This Month

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My lovely twins, your sights are set on your career this month, according to your Gemini horoscope for March 2023. Prepare to put the car in drive and to push it to the limit as you charge toward your goals without inhibition!

With Mercury and the Sun moving through your tenth house of career and public reputation, whatever you do now will be noticed. This is the time for developing strategies for your career and for communicating your ideas with authority and professionalism. Uranus brings its love of the new to your Sun on March 6, granting you curiosity and flashes of insight. This can be used to your advantage by impressing authority figures with your insightful new ways of doing things. 

Around March 16, Mars and Neptune will try and complicate your reputation with their energies influencing the Sun and each other. It could be that someone is trying to sabotage your public reputation or, at least, that some gossip is spreading. Maybe someone in authority is just getting in your way for reasons you cannot understand. Your intuition and empathy are heightened with Neptune’s influence so if there are people in your environment who are trying to bring you down, you’re going to be extra-sensitive to it at this time. Set boundaries and focus on you and what you know is true. Don’t let anger overtake you, defend yourself with your actions and take out the frustration in a productive way. If there are things you can take accountability for, lay your ego down and do so. It will all pass soon enough so do what you can to make things right without compromising your integrity or the truth. 

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On March 7, Saturn moves into Pisces and activates your tenth house of career and public image, which just so happens to be Saturn’s favorite house to be in! Whatever you have been working towards will now come to its helm. It’s the time to work hard and take on responsibilities. If you have been working towards a goal that’s meaningful and really applying yourself, you are likely to see some rewards for your efforts as Saturn moves through this house for the next few years. If not, you may experience consequences for poor choices in the past. Reality will come rushing in with Saturn, so be ready for a new chapter in your career. With hard work and tenacity, Gemini, you cannot be stopped!

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