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Global Peace Summit in Switzerland: why it is important for Ukraine and what are the risks for Russia

Global Peace Summit in Switzerland: why it is important for Ukraine and what are the risks for Russia

Russia is facing a huge diplomatic blow after the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland on June 15-16, which is supposed to become a platform for dialogue to achieve lasting peace for Ukraine.

Political strategist Oleg Posternak spoke about this on the air of Apostrophe TV.

According to him, the Summit will be held in this country, as it is associated with the image of Switzerland as a neutral country. Also, most of the international organizations are concentrated there, and the Geneva Convention is well-known.

Also, one of the last major meetings between the US and Russian presidents took place in Geneva (June 16, 2021).

He believes that it would definitely be a success if US President Joe Biden directly participated in the Summit, which would indicate the level of attention and diplomatic significance of the event. Alternatively, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris could represent the United States, as she did at the Munich Conference.

In general, the Summit is designed to form a strong global fist in the pro-Ukrainian spirit. Invitations have been sent to key players. It is assumed that such states of the Global South as Saudi Arabia, possibly the United Arab Emirates, definitely Turkey, and probably India, which in recent months has been slightly changing its foreign policy vector towards loyalty to the United States, will be able to participate. China is a question mark.

“As for China, it’s more likely no than yes. If we manage to attract a Chinese delegation at least at the level of the Foreign Minister, it will be a major success. I think that the meeting between Xi Jinping and Macron (the Chinese leader will be in France on May 5-7 – Ed.) will be devoted to an attempt to invite a Chinese delegation to the peace Summit,” he explained.

The issue of Brazil will also be interesting, because it is one of the world’s leading players, South Africa, and it is important that Israel is represented.

The political strategist emphasized that Ukraine’s diplomatic interest is to integrate the maximum number of world powers in one place, to consolidate the pro-Ukrainian position of the majority of the Summit participants, and this is possible. To send it as a signal to the whole world and, in particular, to Russia, and as a framework for peace.

“After that, the ball will be in Russia’s court. If it wants to reject this framework, it will then sign that it is aimed at further war. If Russia wants to take part in the second part of the Summit, Ukraine is ready to listen to its position. But if there is again denazification, demilitarization, etc., it will no longer be serious for the world. In any case, Russia risks a huge diplomatic blow after this Summit,” Oleg Posternak emphasized.

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