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How the San Antonio Spurs made basketball inclusive on a global level

As long-time fans of the San Antonio basketball are acutely aware, the Spurs were at the forefront of international scouting. The Spurs docuseries underscores the methodology that stemmed from Gregg Popovich building a dynasty founded in players who weren’t just overlooked, but never even considered by other NBA franchises.

Before other teams had expended the search, the Spurs were looking worldwide for players in all corners of the globe.

Specifically, Pop found Serbian baller Žarko Paspalj and brought him to San Antonio.

He was one of five non-American collegiate players who entered the NBA in 1989. Since then (and partially because of the 1992 Olympics highlighting basketball internationally), the NBA has become a global market.

Episode 21 of The Ring of The Rowel has dropped.

“The World is Calling” explores how the Spurs paved the way for finding incredible talent all around the globe.

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