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Jade Vault enters Sinclair Capital Reserve Fund with Swiss regulator approval

A jadeite storage and trading company with access to the largest deposit of the precious stone in the world has been approved by Swiss regulators to be included within the Sinclair Capital Reserve.

Jade Vault, which uses blockchain technology to ensure provenance of its resources, plans to create and trade the largest inventory of ethically-sourced jadeite in the world while bringing investment, trade and custody of the much-revered mineral to a global audience. 

Some of the remarkable products crafted from Jade Vault’s ore

This will be achieved, not least, due to Jade Vault’s ability to create unique products from the jadeite mineral such as architectural components, furniture, and interior decorative items in conjunction with the more widespread jewellery products.

Traditional Burmese-originated jadeite does not come in blocks large enough to be fashioned into the range of products that Jade Vault is able to craft from large ore-body structures.

James Bowater, founder of Jade Vault, explained that Jadeite is a highly-valued asset class throughout Sino-Asia owing to its deep cultural and historic significance – a heritage that he believes gives jadeite a compelling seal of approval.

James Bowater

“Given the current state of pretty much all of the world markets, the clamour for safe haven investments grows ever louder,” he said.

“Our decision to back our shares with such a significant and real world asset like jade answers the call. Wearing my Crypto AM hat, I have yet to come across a project more exciting and compelling than Jade Vault in the blockchain space. The potential this represents for the expansion of the jade market alone is remarkable.

“Being approved by the Swiss regulator to enter into the Sinclair Capital Reserve Fund gives Jade Vault further validation and great momentum on an already-upward trajectory.”

Sinclair Capital Reserve is a ‘protected cell’ under the laws of Guernsey, United Kingdom, and duly registered under the Financial Regulations of Switzerland under ISIN CH1150938020.  It is an actively managed fund that aims to balance and maximise returns by blending traditional finance with trends and opportunities presented by the new economy of Digital Assets and Blockchain technology.