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List Of ‘Safest’ Countries If World War 3 Starts Today

List Of ‘Safest’ Countries If World War 3 Starts Today

Countries that are safe if another World War starts, as per a report by The Daily Mail. (Representational Image)

After Iran launched an aerial attack on Israel on April 13, concerns a possible World War III breaking out looms large. Iran’s attack has sent alarm bells ringing about the possibility of a wider conflict, with the Middle East already boiling over Israel’s war on Hamas.

What further escalates the situation is the passive involvement of several other nations. Reports say that missiles were fired from neighbouring countries, such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. On the other hand, the United States and the UK joined the Israeli defense to strike down Iranian drones.

The Secretary-General of the United Nation, António Guterres told in his remarks to the Security Council that the Middle East is “on the brink” of a major conflict.

“The people of the region are confronting a real danger of a devastating full-scale conflict. Now is the time to defuse and de-escalate. Now is the time for maximum restraint,” he said.

Thus, interest has risen about which countries could be safe if the escalation in the Middle East snowballs into a larger global conflict. In this article, we take a look at 10 such places.

#1 Greenland: An autonomous constituent country of Denmark, it remains strategically distant and politically non-aligned. As result, chances of a conflict spreading here is minimum.

#2 South Africa: A commitment to stable foreign policy and modern infrastructure make South Africa capable of fending of potential dangers of a war, thus increasing the chances of survival should WW3 break out.

#3 Iceland: Known for its abundant fresh water reserves, marine resources and renewable energy sources.

#4 Antarctica: Antarctica’s extreme location makes it a safe place, and it is unlikely to turn into a warzone.

#5 Switzerland: Known for its tough mountainous terrain, staunch traditional neutrality, even in the first two world wars.

#6 Indonesia: Known for its geographical isolation and strong economy, Indonesia has been maintaining a “free and active” foreign policy.

#7 Tuvalu: An extremely secluded and politically non-aligned nation due to its isolation and neutrality.

#8 New Zealand: A stable democracy with no history of war conflicts, capable of producing its own food.

#9 Ireland: Known for its neutrality and peaceful foreign policy.

#10 Bhutan: Surrounded by the Himalayas, Bhutan’s unique location provides excellent shelter.