Home » Roger Federer Leaves Wimbledon for Daughters’ Favorite Taylor Swift as He Attends Zurich Concert With Mirka

Roger Federer Leaves Wimbledon for Daughters’ Favorite Taylor Swift as He Attends Zurich Concert With Mirka

Roger Federer Leaves Wimbledon for Daughters’ Favorite Taylor Swift as He Attends Zurich Concert With Mirka

“So Long, London” says the man who has been it’s favorite for the last two decades. What could be more important to Roger Federer than the prestigious grass-court event at Wimbledon? The legend, whose mere presence is enough to create highlights, is currently spending some quality time with his family. While the British crowd eagerly awaits his re-entry at the All England Club, the Swiss tennis maestro is choosing to prioritize his daughter’s love for “Blank Space”.

Roger Federer recently took a break from his regular schedule to enjoy a night out with his family. The Swiss tennis legend was spotted in Zurich attending Taylor Swift’s concert at Letzigrund Stadium. The Swiss tennis maestro attended the concert with his twin daughters, Charlene and Myla, both big fans of the pop star, as well as Mirka. The fact that his daughters admire Taylor Swift is the reason behind him being a Swiftie as well.

Federer has shared his love for Swift’s music before in some of his updates on social media. Back when he posted a glimpse of skiing through the snow, Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” played in the background!

Did Roger Federer just prove he’s the ultimate dad by choosing Taylor Swift over Wimbledon? React!

The fans got to know a lot about Roger Federer’s life on and off the court recently. While a majority of the details were included in his documentary, “Federer: Twelve Final Days” the interview surrounding its release filled the remaining gap. During one of the interviews, the Swiss tennis maestro talked about his summer plans to attend the rock and roll at Taylor Swift’s concert.

“This summer Taylor Swift is coming to Switzerland so of course we’ll go,” he said, already confirming his presence at the concert held today. He also revealed the other musical shows that were already crossed in the checklist. “We went to a lot of concerts last year. We… saw [Bruce] Springsteen twice and Elton John,” he added.

This makes it clear that the plan to be in Zurich exactly the same time as Taylor Swift’s concert wasn’t impromptu. However, this moment marked the addition of a new chapter to Roger Federer’s Swiftie diaries.

Roger Federer reveals how Taylor Swift’s music is “engrained” in him

There have been several moments when Roger Federer socially came forward to express his admiration for Taylor Swift’s music. The Swiss tennis maestro used one of her songs in his post and therefore the fans were equally excited to know about his love for Swift’s music along with the adventurous scenes.

A fan, eager to dig out more about Federer’s love for Taylor Swift’s songs, commented, “You choosing a Taylor Swift song is the highlight of my week.” It was meant to be an appreciation of the fact that he chose her song as the background music. However, things extended far beyond that as the tennis great spotted this comment and therefore decided to come up with a response.

“@adri98martinez Tswift is engrained in me….. all the school dropoffs,” said the Serb, who recently experienced a ski adventure that he had to delete from his schedule during the tennis days. Federer’s love for “Bad Blood” is something that his followers are well aware of now. As he enjoys the concert, there’s a high chance of receiving more and more updates on the story.