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Swedish Floorball Federation to conduct training camps in Singapore to broaden the sport internationally – IFF Main Site

At the end of May/June, the women’s national team and a delegation from Swedish Floorball Federation will travel to Singapore for a preparatory camp for the World Floorball Championships 2023. In addition to the camp itself, the trip also aims to contribute to development and to increase interest in floorball in Singapore and Asia.

At the end of May, the women’s national team and a delegation from the Swedish Floorball Federation will travel to Singapore. The schedule includes training, preparation and team cohesion ahead of the Women’s World Floorball Championships in December.

The camp will also be an opportunity for the Swedish Floorball Federation to help the sport develop and grow internationally. A packed program awaits where representatives from Swedish Floorball will hold a number of activities on site.

— It is important that floorball grows stronger internationally outside the top four nations, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, in order for the sport to develop. Our mission is to work to grow interest in the sport, that mission also includes contributing to development not only within ourselves, says Mikael Ahlerup, Secretary General of the Swedish Floorball Federation.

— Our national teams are the best in the world and one of our most important showcases for the sport. The investment in a camp that includes us simultaneously contributing to international development is something we talk a lot about among the top four nations. In the past, several Swedish club teams have contributed to development in this way. We see this camp as a first step for the association and will evaluate the effort in order to contribute on more occasions and in different countries in the future to develop and grow floorball internationally, Ahlerup continues.

A solid program awaits on the schedule, on and off the court with, among other things.:

  • Sweden-Singapore friendly game in front of the crowd, with a meet-and-greet after the match
  • Internal match in front of an audience with referees from Singapore, with meet-and-greet after the match
  • Training for school students with Swedish national team players
  • Swedish coaches hold training for Singapore’s women’s national team
  • Two-day trainer training
  • Goalkeeper training by the Swedish women’s national team goalkeeper coach, where coaches are invited to watch and learn
  • Participation in a study conducted by the Singapore Sports Institute
  • Media and PR events to promote the WFC in December

— Through this trip, we will be able to prepare in the best possible way for the WFC in Singapore, which will be something very special, while at the same time contributing to the international development and interest before the WFC, says Sofie Andersson, Elite and National team Manager at the Swedish Floorball Federation.

The squad traveling to Singapore consists of a total of 40 people, including players, leaders and the delegation from the Swedish Floorball Association.

— For the women’s national team, this will be a fantastic preparation to feel the long journey, the climate, to come together even more as a group and where we can make specific preparations for the WFC. This will also be an excellent opportunity where we can contribute sportingly to the international development and specifically the development in Singapore and Asia, Andersson continues.

The trip to Singapore is made possible through a collaboration between the Swedish Floorball Federation and the Singapore Floorball Association. The squad for the camp in Singapore will be announced at a later date.