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Swiss gym subscriptions climb beyond pre-pandemic levels

Swiss gym subscriptions climb beyond pre-pandemic levels

Big business: lifting weights in a gym near Zurich.

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On average, people worked out 1.3 times a week last year, according to an industry association survey.

In total, over 1.3 million people – around 15% of the population – trained in one of the 1,348 gyms across the country last year, according to the study published on Tuesday by Swiss Active.

While a fitness and health trend already existed before Covid-19, the pandemic – which meant a lack of exercise options – has since intensified this pattern, according to the study. The number of gym subscriptions in 2023 was 13% higher than in the previous year and considerably above pre-pandemic levels.

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The recovery is not yet evident in all centres. But according to the association, over 80% of gyms said they had already returned to 2019 membership levels. “This puts Switzerland ahead of Germany and Austria, where around two-thirds of businesses achieved this in the year under review,” the report states.

As membership numbers rose, so did turnover, which increased by almost 18% to CHF1.2 billion ($1.34 billion). Higher prices are likely a factor behind the fact that turnover increased more than subscriptions: according to the report, almost one in two companies adjusted their fees last year.

On average, a gym subscription costs around CHF1,000, Swiss Active said. Fitness chains are slightly cheaper (CHF900), while subscriptions in individual studios (CHF1,120) and micro studios (CHF1,320) cost slightly more.

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