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Swiss Shop VTR Hacks a BMW R 1300 GS Into a Multi-Hyphenate With This Stunning Build

Swiss Shop VTR Hacks a BMW R 1300 GS Into a Multi-Hyphenate With This Stunning Build

The BMW GS is undeniably the adventure bike of the decade, if not the last two, cementing its status as one of the most desirable motorcycles currently on the market. And when BMW unveiled the all-new R 1300 GS, it was met with positive feedback, with enthusiasts citing its improved performance, upgraded tech, and lighter-weight construction when compared to its predecessor.

Out of the box, the R 1300 GS is a thoroughly capable machine. And a selection of choice upgrades could marginally improve its performance from the aftermarket, as most GS owners do. But what about a full-on custom build?

Granted, adventure bikes aren’t exactly common choices for custom builds, but VTR Motorrad, a Swiss custom workshop specializing in all things BMW, begs to differ. Enter the R 1301, a custom adventure bike like no other.

A truly custom BMW R 1300 GS

The R 1301 is allegedly the first ever custom build to be based on the all-new adventure bike, and is nothing short of a head-turner. It captures the essence of multiple disciplines of motorcycling with its radical bodywork and athletic stance giving off supermoto vibes, and its lightweight look transforming it into a naked streetfighter.

Beneath it all, the R 1301 is still well and truly an ADV, though, as it retains its 19-inch front wheel. Up front, it also keeps its tinted windscreen, while the handguards and mirrors have been deleted for a sportier, more road-focused look. The front fender has been trimmed to give off a sportier look, too. At the back, the R 1301 gets a custom tail section ala a sport or naked bike.

VTR Motorrad BMW R 1301 - Front Left Quarter
VTR Motorrad BMW R 1301 - Rear Right Quarter

The R 1301 rolls on forged aluminum wheels shod in super sticky Metzeler M9 RR rubber—suggesting that this custom beast isn’t designed to just look killer. An Akrapovic exhaust also joins the party and, to top it all off, the custom R 1301 is draped in BMW’s signature M colors, with a custom supermoto-inspired saddle crafted by Swiss saddler Yves Knobel.

Such an extensive customization job by no means comes cheap, and the R 1301 reportedly cost 15,000 Swiss francs, or about $17,000 USD on top of the bike’s already hefty MSRP of $18,895 USD. Woof. 

Why this is big news for the custom scene

Custom adventure bikes are by no means a common sight, outside of them still being adventure-based. However, the bikes as platforms for customization has been growing in recent years, with a lot of builders using the BMW GS.

Indeed, bikes like the VTR Motorrad R 1301, as well as the lightweight streetfighter R 1250 GS of Oldtimer Middle East, are proof that adventure bikes can be transformed into stunning custom bikes that can drop jaws and rake up the miles at the same time.

What do you think of this rad custom job? It’ll surely capture the attention of custom enthusiasts, all while riling up die-hard purists.