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Swiss Travellers Granted Visa-Free Access To China: What You Need to Know

Swiss Travellers Granted Visa-Free Access To China: What You Need to Know

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Switzerland joins the growing list of countries benefitting from visa-free entry to China, marking a significant step in facilitating travel for Swiss citizens. This move is part of China’s broader efforts to revive tourism and stimulate economic recovery after nearly three years of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As China progressively reopens to the world since 2023, the nation has implemented various visa reforms to attract more international travellers, with Switzerland now enjoying unilateral visa privileges.

Visa-free entry to China: Switzerland enjoys unilateral privileges

visa-free entry to China
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Swiss travellers are no longer required to obtain a visa before planning their trip to China, as the latter has agreed to apply a “unilateral visa-free policy to Switzerland”. While specific details of the visa-free entry terms remain undisclosed, Switzerland has reciprocated by offering enhanced visa facilitation to Chinese citizens and enterprises investing in the country, according to a report by ChinaDaily.

Switzerland follows other European nations like France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, which received visa-free entry privileges from China starting December 2023, allowing a 15-day stay for one year.

China has expanded its visa-friendly initiatives, establishing bilateral visa-free agreements with Thailand from March 2024 and extending the mutual visa-free arrangement with Singapore to 30 days in 2024. That’s not all – in a bid to enhance tourism, China has simplified the visa application process for US travellers. Tourists applying for an L-1 tourist visa no longer need to provide proof of round-trip flight tickets, hotel reservations, itineraries, or an invitation letter.

These sweeping changes in China’s visa policies aim to position the country as a more welcoming and accessible destination for global travellers.

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