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Swiss want to work less – Le News

Swiss want to work less – Le News

More and more people in Switzerland want to work less, according to a study published by Swissstaffing, a placement agency umbrella organisation, reported SRF.

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A shortage of skilled workers is a perennial challenge in Switzerland. One potential solution is for part-time staff to work longer hours and extend retirement. However, reality is different. Swiss workers generally want to work less, and nearly half would like to change jobs, leaving employers with limited negotiating power.

According to the survey, Switzerland is the only nation where there are more workers who would prefer to work less than workers who want more work.

Why is this?

One reason is Swiss workers work relatively long hours by European standards. An average Swiss worker spends 14% more time at work than an average German worker, although workers in the US clock 19% more hours than Swiss. The US has a significantly lower employment rate than Europe, which eats into the total hours worked there.

Another reason is prosperity. Switzerland is a wealthy nation where many can afford to work less.

The phenomenon is a headache for employers. In addition to adding to staff shortages, coordinating part-time staff to do the work of full-timers requires extra coordination, something that comes at a cost to employers.

In the meantime, new workers, mainly from the EU, will help to keep Swiss businesses rolling and growing.

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