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Switzerland Beyond Chocolate Announces Major Blog Updates as Traveling Trends Warm Up

Switzerland Beyond Chocolate Announces Major Blog Updates as Traveling Trends Warm Up

Switzerland Beyond Chocolate is a premier guide to Switzerland travel, owned and helmed by a local Swiss tourism expert Res Marty. As tourism blossoms in the post Covid-19 Switzerland, Res and his team are actively working on preparing comprehensive traveling information blogs.

The Land of Milk and Honey has seen its fair share of lockdowns amid the Coronavirus pandemic, but as with the rest of the world, mass tourism trends are making a grand return. With more and more people interested in visiting the mountainous beauties of Switzerland, a need for an up-to-date tourism guides emerged. As a long-running leader in this field, Switzerland Beyond Chocolate answered the call – a premier Switzerland travel blog dedicated to helping tourists and travelers find detailed information about authentic and sustainable attractions in the country. 

Switzerland Beyond Chocolate is owned by Res Marty, a Swiss native and one of the most passionate tourism & travel experts. The website rose to prominence by leveraging Res’s in-depth knowledge of Switzerland’s most gorgeous attractions, locations, and hotspot alternatives very few people know about. 

As Switzerland travel trends soar once again, Res and his team at Switzerland Beyond Chocolate launched an educational campaign to edify eco-conscious travelers and tourists coming to the country about its lesser-known activities and spots. 

The website has been in the pipelines for years, but Res Marty, its founder and owner, wanted to finalize his scholarly pursuits before launching the project.

“Switzerland Beyond Chocolate enabled me to combine my expertise in tourism with website development and search engine optimization, which is a personal interest of mine. Since I completed my bachelor’s degree in tourism management in 2023, it was just the perfect time to start this exciting project,” said Res. 

As Res underscores, all green-minded individuals who would rather avoid crowded hotspots and leave as small a carbon footprint during their stay as possible are welcome to enjoy Switzerland Beyond Chocolate’s freshly updated selection of travel tips and tourism articles. 

The team at SBC is diligently working to release comprehensive guides to sustainable Swiss tourism, striving to ensure that credible information about the best hidden gems Switzerland has to offer is readily available for free:

“I know that eco-friendly tourism with minimal negative impacts on the environment and local communities is becoming more and more important to many people, including myself, and I figured there are so many beautiful and authentic things to write about in Switzerland, so why not share them directly with the world,” Res said.   

Switzerland Beyond Chocolate began the campaign of educating travelers coming to Switzerland about fundamental custom regulations, Visa rules, and electricity guidelines, all underpinned in the “General Information” tab.

As a warm invitation to Switzerland, Res and his team at SBC spent a considerable amount of time on the field, traveling the country and capturing picturesque landscapes of locations that would soon be featured in the website’s comprehensive travel blog posts. 

Switzerland is a mountainous country with many areas that are challenging to navigate on foot, making trains the go-to mode of transport for most tourists. Knowing that most travelers do not speak the language and are likely to face difficulties procuring train tickets, Switzerland Beyond Chocolate published a detailed guide covering this topic. 

As a green-conscious country embracing European values, Switzerland has several unwritten rules that most tourists are expected to abide by for a truly immersive experience. Res and his team recently wrote “A Local’s Guide on Things Not to Do In Switzerland”, penning some of the activities and habits that most European citizens generally dislike. With this guide, SBC seeks to make a meaningful impact in sustainable Swiss travels and inspire tourists keep the country’s natural beauties intact. 

As a treat for travelers, especially non-Europeans who might be unfamiliar with Swiss customs and etiquette, Switzerland Beyond Chocolate published “9 Surprising Facts About Switzerland to Impress Any Local”, capturing the gist of the authentic Swiss spirit in a single page. 

More information about Switzerland Beyond Chocolate and its latest publications is available on the firm’s official website

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