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Switzerland continues its Olympic project, and adds another – Francs Jeux

— Published February 8, 2024

The opposite would have been a huge surprise, but the last doubt is now removed: Switzerland remains in the race for the Winter Games in 2038. Selected last November by the IOC for a “ targeted dialogue » – a new concept taken out of the body’s hat for the occasion – the All-Switzerland Games project continues the adventure.

The Swiss Olympic Committee (Swiss Olympic) announced it on Wednesday February 7 via a press release: its executive council took the decision to entrust the Switzerland 203X association, co-directed by Ruth Wipfli Steinegger (vice-president of Swiss Olympic) and Urs Lehmann (president of Swiss-Ski), preparing an entry into the privileged dialogue for the 2038 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Clearly, Swiss Olympic has swallowed its disappointment at having only been selected for the most distant of the winter events, having been beaten by the French Alps for 2030 and Salt Lake City for 2034. Switzerland wants to try its luck.

There is now one last step to take: the green light from the Sports Parliament. It shouldn’t pose a problem.

Comment from Jürg Stahl, President of Swiss Olympic: “ After the important preparatory work last year and taking into account the excellent situation of our project with the IOC, I am delighted that the collaboration between the Switzerland 203X association and the IOC will continue and I look forward to the request which will be made to the Sports Parliament ».

Everything is in place, then. But the Swiss Olympic body warns: the initial project of the Winter Games throughout Switzerland, unprecedented in its diversity, could well be reviewed and corrected by the end of 2027, when the IOC will invite Switzerland to move from a “ targeted dialogue » to the even more concrete phase of “ privileged dialogue.”

A revised request, taking into account the IOC’s expectations for a less fragmented system, will be presented to the Sports Parliament during an extraordinary assembly on May 23, 2024. It will notably include a new budget for the Games in 2038.

Without any bad surprise, Switzerland therefore intends to rush into the breach opened for it by the IOC last November. The Olympic body placed it at the back of the pack, behind France and the United States, but it has failed too often in its quest to obtain the Winter Games to give up today.

A success, even conditionally, perhaps announcing others, Switzerland is also eyeing another multisport event. Less universal, and summery, but with very respectable dimensions: the European multisport championships.

Swiss Olympic announces that its executive council has decided to carry out a feasibility study for hosting the continental meeting in 2030 or 2034. It will aim to “ determine by fall 2024 whether the sporting, social and political conditions are met” for its organization.

Responsibility for the project will be assumed by a steering committee. It will be made up of representatives from Swiss Olympic and the Swiss summer sports federations.