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Switzerland: Tourism from Asean recovers impressively in 2022 | BusinessMirror

SWITZERLAND Tourism (ST)-Philippines has just announced the remarkable recovery of overnight stays from Southeast Asia to the European country in 2022, which reached 96.4 percent of 2019 prior to the pandemic.

That growth is forecast to be sustained in the upcoming years. During its spring media briefing at the Swiss ambassador’s residence on March 7, ST introduced its strategy to attract more Southeast Asian families as they discover Switzerland by public transport on the “Grand Train Tour.”

With 623,646 overnight stays in 2022, Southeast Asian—particularly those from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines—is considered the “best-recovering market in the Asia-Pacific Region.” Within Asean, Singapore (+26.5 percent) and Malaysia (+13.8 percent) recovered quickly, with yearly results already overperforming 2019.

The Philippines, where ST opened a new antenna last year, followed a similar trend but at a different pace. January to July still generated 48-percent fewer overnights compared to 2019. However, a strong growth of +21 percent was observed from August to December.

Ambassador Alain Gaschen expressed his satisfaction: “I am impressed to see the quick recovery of the Philippine market for the Swiss tourism industry. Switzerland has much to offer Filipinos: from its natural landscapes, to its rich cultural heritage. We look forward to welcoming more visitors and families in the coming years.”

According to ST’s and Oxford Economics’ forecast, overnights from Southeast Asia will continue their strong growth in 2023, with a 19-percent increase compared to last year.

“We are confident that Switzerland will continue to be a preferred travel destination for Southeast Asian travelers,” said Batiste Pilet, Director of Southeast Asia for ST. “We have been working hard…to ensure that Switzerland remains top-of-mind, and is perceived as a safe and sustainable destination. We are thrilled to see that our efforts are paying off. In spring this year we concentrate on tapping into the family travel segment and promoting extended stays in Switzerland.”

Grand Train Tour

SWITZERLAND is an ideal destination for family travel. Its Grand Train Tour is the ultimate train journey to discover the said country’s scenic spots, combining famous panoramic lines into one breathtaking route over eight stages. Available year-round, this route spanning 1,280 kilometers leads from some of the most charming Swiss cities to Alpine villages. The itinerary encompasses some of that country’s most well-known sights and landmarks.

Some of the top family-friendly activities along the Grand Train Tour are:

Zurich – Enjoy magnificent cherry blossoms while picnicking in the park, or learn about the secrets of chocolate Easter bunnies at Lindt (home of chocolate).

Jungfrau Region – Ride the train to the “Top of Europe,” or the cable car in Grindelwald to find an idyllic playground with swings, climbing structures, sand, and a water-play area.

Schilthorn – Visit Spy World at Piz Gloria, and become a special agent, or challenge your courage on the Thrill Walk in Birg.

Matterhorn Region – Spend time with Saint Bernard dogs: Switzerland’s mascots at Barryland in Martigny, or venture into Switzerland’s largest underground lake in St. Leonard.

Zermatt–Matterhorn – Glide down the mountain with FunVenture carts or bikes, or take a family photo in front of the iconic Matterhorn on Gornergrat.

Graubünden – Train for winter at the Freestyle Academy in Laax, or try the Madrisa Land toboggans in Davos Klosters.

RhB–Bernina Express – Try the historical train, then cross the famous Landwasser bridge or admire the bridge from below, taking the Landwasser Express.

Lake Lucerne Region – Enjoy a cruise aboard the panoramic yacht Saphir on Lake Lucerne and climb Mount Pilatus to play in the Fräkmüntegg rope park.

Titlis – This certified family destination offers a free vacation program for children. There are countless activities, family-friendly hikes, spectacular playgrounds, and plenty of action on the mountain or in the valley.