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Taylor Swift calls workers mid-concert to help fans battling heatwave in Switzerland

Taylor Swift calls workers mid-concert to help fans battling heatwave in Switzerland

Fans love Taylor Swift and the singer equally looks out for them. During her recent concert in Zurich, Switzerland, Swift asked workers mid-performance to help some people in the audience amid the ongoing heatwave in Switzerland. 

Swift was performing at an open-roofed stadium, Temperatures soared especially on Tuesday and Swift asked for assistance during her 10-minute ‘All Too Well’ performance. 

“We need some help right there,” Swift said before singing “time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it.”

Seconds later, the singer-songwriter reiterated to the Stadion Letzigrund staff, “Help back there please.”

While Swift’s concerts always have first responders along the perimeter of the stage, handing out water and responding to emergencies, the artists always tend to have a better view of the crowd from the stage and can respond to fans flashing lights and waving to grab their attention. 

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Swift acknowledged the hot temperatures in her opening crowd greeting before singing the Lover title track on Tuesday.

“I’m looking out at this crowd tonight and you’ve decided to come out here in the heat, in the blazing sun and you’re still dancing like crazy,” she said. “Immediate bonus points right off the bat.” 

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Temperatures in Zurich peaked in the afternoon and barely dipped as the sun went down. 

Before the concert began, fans captured photos and videos of large misting fans. Before Swift took the stage, staff handed out reflective gold and silver rescue blankets for fans to seek relief under, and later passed out water bottles.

Concerts outside of the US typically do not have any seating arrangement, which means fans watch the entire concert standing, which often leads to tiredness. 

Swift has stopped her show frequently in Europe to seek help for the fans. First responders usually hold glow lights above their heads to push through the packed audience. There have been no major reported injuries during this leg of the Swift’s Eras tour and the singer isn’t shy about alerting workers.

In Stockholm, Swift asked fans if they were holding up lights to get her attention or if someone needed help before the acoustic section. During her performance in Scotland, the singer noticed a fan needed help and asked workers to assist the fan. In London, she asked for assistance during several songs.

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