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Taylor Swift reacts to fan project at Switzerland Eras show

Taylor Swift reacts to fan project at Switzerland Eras show

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Taylor Swift appeared to be deeply touched by a fan project during Night 1 of her Eras Tour show in Switzerland.

Swift, 34, performed her 113th show of the Eras Tour at Letzigrund Stadium on Tuesday, July 9. While those two numbers are significant for any fan deep in Swiftian lore — 13 has long been Swift’s lucky number, July 9 is a date the Grammy winner mentions in her Joe Jonas breakup track “Last Kiss” — it wasn’t just the crowd who was being treated to something special that night … Swift was, too.

In video footage uploaded to TikTok by a concertgoer, Swift — clad in the glamorous red gown she wears during this moment of the set — paused to take in the crowd after her performance of “Champagne Problems.” In doing so, she appeared to notice the dozens of signs fans were holding that read “Switzerland Loves You.”

The “Anti-Hero” artist, who uses this pause every night on tour to take in the moment and thank her fans, pouted with emotion while holding her hand to her chest.

“Thanks, you guys,” she appeared to say as the crowd cheered and fans raised their signs in the air. “Aw, thank you.”

After taking out her in-ear monitors in order to better hear the roar of the crowd, the “Guilty as Sin?” singer looked to be down with all the noise. “OKAY,” she mouthed, impressed.

The reactions to Swift’s fan project response were immediate and filled with praise — both for Swift herself and those who came up with and successfully executed the idea.

Taylor Swift performs on stage during “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” at Anfield on June 13, 2024 in Liverpool, England. Weeks later, at her first Eras show in Switzerland, Swift appeared deeply touched by…

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“Tay’s reaction yesterday to the fan project was everything! 😭🙌 Such a heartwarming moment! 💖 #TaylorSwift #FanLove,” one person wrote via X (formerly known as Twitter).

“Awww I saw these signs from my spot but I had no idea! Cute project yall ☺️,” another fan gushed in the comments section of the TikTok clip.

“No matter how many times she hears their applause and cheers her reaction is always so genuine and pure,” a third person mused. “This is why we love her.”