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Trade of the week: short soybeans

(AI Video Summary)

Profitable NASDAQ 100 trade

In this week’s video, Axel Rudolph talks about his recent successful trades and gives some trading recommendations. First, he mentions his colleague, Shaun Murison, who made a profitable trade by going long on the NASDAQ 100. This means he predicted that the price of the NASDAQ 100 stocks would go up, and it did, making himself a lot of money. Rudolph suggests either letting this trade continue or taking some profits.

Successful DAX 40 trade

Next, Rudolph talks about his own successful trade on the DAX 40 contract. He went long on this contract, which means he predicted that its price would increase, and he was right. He recommend either letting this trade continue or taking some profits.

Unsuccessful Arabica coffee trade

However, not all trades turn out to be winners. Rudolph mentions a trade recommendation from last week to go short on Arabica coffee futures. Going short means predicting that the price will go down. Unfortunately, this trade didn’t work out due to negative divergences, which means that some technical indicators were suggesting that the price would go down, but it didn’t. Rudolph explains that he set a stop loss, which is a point where he would automatically exit the trade to cut his losses, but he was stopped out and experienced a small loss.

Despite this loss, he notes that if someone didn’t stop themselves out of the trade, they may still want to keep it as the technical signs are still indicating a potential fall in price.

This week’s trade recommendation

Lastly, Rudolph gives their trade recommendation for this week. He suggests going short on soybean futures when the price bounces back to 1,367. He believes that a top is forming, meaning the price has reached a high point and is expected to go down. He bases this recommendation on negative divergences on the oscillator, failure to break a resistance area, trading below a moving average, and falling out of a trading channel. The suggested entry point is at 1,367, with a stop loss at 1,437 and a target at around 1,267.