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Eurovision winner Nemo shows true colours as runner cleans their shoes for them

Eurovision winner Nemo shows true colours as runner cleans their shoes for them

The Eurovision Song Contest winner Nemo has proved just how humble they are in an off-screen moment shared on social media, following their win on Saturday. In a video posted on the platform X, the 24-year-old Swiss singer was seen getting their shoes wiped by a runner before their risky performance standing on a spinning platform.

After the team member finished the quick job, the singer, who identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them, gave her a hug before she swiftly ran off stage. The footage was shared by a TikTok user from the ceremony, who praised Nemo’s actions as a “green flag”.

They wrote: “I know this is such a small thing, but the fact that Nemo hugged the person wiping their shoes before their performance is such green flag behaviour.” Many have also since commented on the viral clip as another wrote: “Nemo gives off golden retriever energy, I love to see it, such a deserving winner!”

A third commented: “He is a nice guy,” alongside a thumbs up emoji. “Massive green flag,” fourth typed, while a fifth wrote: “I agree wholeheartedly. Small things tell us so much.”

In another video, social media fans got more insight into how the spinning platform moved during their performance. Nemo was seen running up and down on the stage object which continuously tilted as he belted out the lyrics to his song The Code.

In the clip recorded from a member of the audience, two runners in disguise are seen strategically tilting the stage object in a matter of seconds while ensuring they were not seen.

Nemo’s energetic performance gained him an impressive total score of 591 points, 365 points from the juries and 226 from the public.

The scoring led the singer to victory, while Croatia landed in second place and Ukraine came in third.

Returning home today, The Code hitmaker was met with a crowd of supporters waiting to greet them at Zurich airport.

Nemo was seen looking in high spirits as he posed for selfies, mingled and signed autographs for awaiting fans.

In a press conference later that day, the singer called their airport welcome “extremely beautiful” adding: “It showed me how nice it is to be part of a community.”

Meanwhile, United Kingdom’s entry Olly Alexander finished in 18th place with 46 points after receiving no public votes.

Posting on Instagram the day after the final took place, the 33-year-old congratulated Nemo on his Story.

He wrote: “Nemo!!! You did it!! I’m so proud of you, it’s been such an honour to be on this journey with you. You broke the code!!!”

Olly’s father David Thornton has since he enjoyed “every minute” of his son’s performance and questioned why the public didn’t connect with the song Dizzy.

“To me it’s a real surprise the public didn’t sort of connect with that song, though the juries gave it a really good score,” he told the BBC.

“This is going to be a fantastic learning experience for him, he’s had a wonderful time out there. It’s just one more step in wherever he’s going to go next.”

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