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Hello summer: 80+ routes, seamless travel and endless Delta adventures

Hello summer: 80+ routes, seamless travel and endless Delta adventures

With its largest international schedule to date in operation this summer, Delta’s latest travel enhancements will ensure a top-notch experience while whisking customers to their favorite travel destinations worldwide.

As summer approaches, Delta is primed for a bustling start with nearly 3 million customers set to take flight during the Memorial Day period, May 23-27 – a 5% increase from last year.  

And with its largest international schedule to date in operation, Delta’s latest travel enhancements will ensure a top-notch experience while whisking customers to their favorite travel destinations worldwide. 

Elevating the travel experience 

Delta, frequently recognized for operational excellence, reliability, and innovation, has recently rolled out several enhancements to ensure every journey is as smooth as a summer breeze. 

New this season, customers departing from Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, LaGuardia and New York-JFK can opt in for Delta Digital ID within their SkyMiles profile to expedite the security process. And passengers can look forward to a seamless boarding experience with Delta’s new numbered boarding system aimed at providing more clarity to the boarding sequence. 

Delta also recently debuted the most comprehensive update since 2019 to its Fly Delta app with Fly Delta 6.0, introducing a suite of improvements aimed at enhancing efficiency and empowering travelers to manage their trips with ease. This includes an all-new Help Center view, always-available access to boarding information and connectivity to our Virtual Assistant. And quickly following in early summer, customers will also soon be able to utilize their Delta SkyMiles credentials from their Fly Delta App to seamlessly connect to Delta Sync Wi-Fi onboard. 

And customers looking to live their best life this summer will enjoy the Miami and LaGuardia (May 15) Delta Sky Club expansions and the much-anticipated Delta One Lounge in New York-JFK, making its debut in June 2024. 

Memorable trips await with new and resuming routes  

This summer, travelers have more opportunities to travel wherever their itineraries take them with over 1,770 weekly flights to 80 international destinations — a ~6% capacity increase in both domestic and international seats versus 2023.  

Delta has launched and restarted more than 80 routes across the globe this year, making it easier than ever to explore sought-after destinations this summer, including routes to popular places like London, Rome and Dublin — which all topped Delta’s annual list of most-searched international destinations.

Atlanta: Delta operates 900+ flights to over 200 destinations

+4% summer capacity

Delta’s daily Tulum service launched in March, offering year-round access to the stunning beaches and ancient ruins of Tulum, Mexico.  

For those enchanted by the allure of Switzerland, Delta will launch nonstop flights from Atlanta to Zurich four times a week, starting May 31. Travelers can also get to Switzerland from New York-JFK with Delta’s year-round service to Zurich and seasonal flights to Geneva. 

Plus, on Jun. 7, customers can enjoy new daily service to Santa Barbara and Fresno with convenient access to the sun-kissed shores of Southern California and the breathtaking scenery of Yosemite National Park. Travelers can also celebrate the return of daily service to Oakland, Reno, and Burbank, commencing on the same date.  

New York-JFK: Delta operates largest summer lineup since 2014

+5% summer capacity  

Travelers are urged to explore Athens with Delta’s route from JFK, which complements existing routes from Atlanta and Boston. As the largest U.S. carrier to Greece, Delta responds to growing demand, shown by a notable 248% increase in searches for Athens on Delta.com compared to last year. 
Furthermore, travelers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the picturesque countryside of Bavaria with a new route to Munich, enhancing Delta’s additional service offerings from Atlanta and Detroit. 

As the leading U.S. carrier to Italy, the airline is connecting travelers to culinary treasures with the launch of a new route to Naples, on May 23, along with Delta’s existing JFK services to Milan, Venice, and Rome.  

Alternatively, adventurers can set their sights on Ireland’s picturesque west coast with the resumption of service to Shannon, Ireland, a route not operated since 2019.  

Minneapolis: Delta to fly 24 international routes, second busiest hub

+6% summer capacity

One of this summer’s standout route additions is Delta’s new daily service to Dublin, offering travelers an enticing journey to a land brimming with rich history, vibrant pubs, and breathtaking landscapes. Seasonal routes to Dublin are also available from Atlanta, Boston, and New York-JFK, providing even more options to explore this captivating destination.  

But the fun doesn’t stop there – Travelers can rejoice as service to Reykjavík also returns on May 23, offering seasonal access to Iceland’s otherworldly landscapes, including glaciers, waterfalls, and geothermal hot springs. As the top U.S. carrier to Iceland, Delta also provides nonstop service to this destination from DTW and JFK.

Detroit: Delta operates 330 flights to 100+ destinations

+5% summer capacity

Delta is returning daily flights to Rome from Detroit on May 23, inviting travelers to explore the ancient ruins, art-filled streets, and delectable cuisine of the Eternal City. 

Additionally, Delta’s upcoming additions of daily service to Anchorage, Alaska, on Jun. 7, and Sacramento, California, on Jul. 8, will provide access to both states’ stunning wilderness and outdoor adventures. 

Seattle: Delta offers more choice this summer than ever

+3% summer capacity

This summer lineup includes two new routes, both renowned for leisure and business opportunities.  

Up first, service to Taipei, launching Jun. 6, will provide travelers with convenient access to its bustling night markets, ancient temples, and scenic landscapes.  

Following that launch, customers can look forward to new service to Dallas-Fort Worth on Jul. 8, where customers can enjoy world-class dining, shopping, and cultural attractions. 

Ways to plan a hassle-free vacation

Customers ready to book their summer adventure can do so through Delta Vacations – with flights, and expert recommended hotels, rides and activities booked all in one place. Only with Delta Vacations, SkyMiles Members can earn toward Medallion Status on the flight, hotel, car rental, and activity components of their vacation, earn bonus miles in addition to flight miles, and use miles to pay for all or part of their trip.  

Additionally, SkyMiles Members who already booked a Delta flight but need a vehicle or place to stay can earn 2x miles per $1 (excluding taxes and fees, additional terms apply) by booking hotels, vacation rental properties and cars with Delta Stays and Car Rentals.   

Below is the comprehensive list of routes from Delta’s key hubs: 

In total, between Feb. 2024 and Jul. 2024, Delta will have launched and reinstated over 80 routes, perfect for summer getaways, whether exploring distant destinations or simply reconnecting with loved ones back at home.  


  • Atlanta to Dublin 

  • Atlanta to Madrid 

  • Boston to Dublin 

  • Boston to Rome  


  • Atlanta to Milan 

  • Atlanta to Tulum 

  • Atlanta to Athens 

  • Atlanta to Stuttgart 

  • Atlanta to Venice 

  • New York (JFK) to Venice 

  • New York (JFK) to Athens 

  • New York (JFK) to Edinburgh  

  • New York (JFK) to Reykjavik 

  • New York (JFK) to Nice 

  • Salt Lake City to Indianapolis  


  • Atlanta to Hilton Head (HHH) 

  • Boston to Athens  

  • Detroit to Burlington (BTV) 

  • Detroit to Munich 

  • Detroit to Savannah  

  • LaGuardia to Arkansas (XNA) 

  • LaGuardia to Hilton Head  

  • Minneapolis to Myrtle Beach  

  • Minneapolis to Richmond (RIC) 

  • Minneapolis to Savannah (SAV) 

  • New York (JFK) to Munich 

  • New York (JFK) to Stockholm 

  • New York (JFK) to Geneva  

  • New York (JFK to Copenhagen 

  • New York (JFK) to London Gatwick 


  • Atlanta to Anchorage  

  • Atlanta to Edinburgh 

  • Atlanta to Nice 

  • Atlanta to Zurich 

  • Boston to Edinburgh 

  • Boston to Wilmington (ILM) 

  • Boston to Myrtle Beach  

  • Detroit to Reykjavik 

  • Detroit to Rome 

  • LaGuardia to Nantucket 

  • LaGuardia to Martha’s Vinyard 

  • LaGuardia to Traverse City (TVC) 

  • Minneapolis to Dublin  

  • Minneapolis to Syracuse 

  • Minneapolis to Reykjavik 

  • Minneapolis to Wilmington  

  • New York (JFK) to Nantucket  

  • New York (JFK) to Martha’s Vineyard  

  • New York (JFK) to Berlin  

  • New York (JFK) to Prague 

  • New York (JFK) to Naples 

  • New York (JFK) to Shannon 

  • Salt Lake City to Anchorage  

  • Salt Lake City to Yellowstone  


  • Atlanta to Fresno 

  • Atlanta to Oakland 

  • Atlanta to Reno 

  • Atlanta to Santa Barbara  

  • Atlanta to Traverse City (TVC) 

  • Boston to Norfolk (ORF) 

  • Boston to Traverse City  

  • Detroit to Fort Wayne 

  • Detroit to Anchorage  

  • LaGuardia to Halifax   

  • Salt Lake City to Columbus 

  • Salt Lake City to Santa Barbara 

  • Minneapolis to Colorado Springs  

  • Minneapolis to Buffalo  

  • Minneapolis to Burlington  

  • Minneapolis to Norfolk  

  • Minneapolis to Fairbanks (FAI) 

  • Minneapolis to Knoxville (TYS) 

  • Minneapolis to Portland  

  • Minneapolis to Providence (PVD) 

  • Minneapolis to Reno 

  • Minneapolis to Traverse City  

  • New York (JFK) to Tel Aviv 

  • Seattle to Taipei  

  • Seattle to Juneau (JNU) 

  • Seattle to Ketchikan (KTN) 

  • Seattle to Sitka (SIT) 


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